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August 07, 2019

Notes and Changes since last report

  • It was 81°F, calm and cloudy at 12:30 PM on August 7, 2019.
  • It woule shower several times through the walk.
  • In spite of the clouds and rain, a good number of butterflies were seen today.
  • This week's trail report covers the Wappinger Creek side of the trail system.

The Trails

  • It was gray, warm, and humid at the Gifford House trailhead. It was sticky when the sun came out.
  • Right around the corner, a question mark was basking in the feeble sun.
  • Monarchs were out in fair numbers today.
  • The main nectar source at this time was wild bergamot.
  • A fake caterpillar - a sawfly larva - was curled up under one of the leaves.
  • Rain poured for maybe 10 minutes, but a hickory provided fair shelter. A blue jay didn't seem to have been as fortunate.
  • A garden spider didn't seem to have heard that monarchs taste bad.
  • At the other corner of the field, a house wren was scolding.
  • At ground level, horse nettle was blooming.
  • A red-spotted purple paused several times on a shrub...
  • ...Not long enough to enjoy the sun, but long enough to lay an egg.
  • The caterpillars feed on a variety of trees; I'll have to figure out this shrub.
  • A female widow skimmer paused in perfect pose; how could I refuse?
  • There were just a few common ringlets about.
  • Along the Sedge Meadow Trail, a couple Appalachian browns were still lurking.
  • In the back Old Hayfield, a female dun skipper settled down to catch some sun.
  • Partly cloudy days are good for viewing skippers: when the sun is too much we get to see the underside, too.
  • The bergamot and goldenrod are a riot of color.
  • Several tiger swallowtails were out on the bergamot.
  • In the Old Pasture, gray dogwood berries were swelling. It's too early to think about Fall - wait til they turn white.
  • Next week: the Cary Pines Trail side of the trail system.
1 Red-tailed Hawk5 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail1 Hummingbird Clearwing1 Horse nettle
2 Mourning Dove17 Cabbage White2 Snowberry Clearwing
1 Eastern Wood-Pewee2 Clouded Sulphur
3 Blue Jay1 American Copper
1 Carolina Wren1 Great Spangled Fritillary
2 House Wren16 Pearl Crescent
1 Veery1 Question Mark
1 American Robin2 Red-spotted Purple
2 Gray Catbird1 Appalachian Brown
1 Worm-eating Warbler1 Little Wood-Satyr
3 Common Yellowthroat5 Common Ringlet
6 Eastern Towhee10 Common Wood-Nymph
2 Indigo Bunting10 Monarch
4 American Goldfinch32 Silver-spotted Skipper
1 Peck's Skipper
1 Northern Broken-Dash
1 Dun Skipper