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October 27, 2021


Notes and Changes since last report

  • It was 53°F, cloudy and windy at the tail end of a Nor'easter at 12:30 PM on October 27, 2021.
  • Note that the grounds close Nov. 1 for the winter.
  • This is the last trail report of the season.
  • This week's trail report covers the Wappinger Creek Trail side of the trail system.

The Trails

  • On the way to trail marker 10, black berry clusters didn't look familiar at first.
  • But checking the leaves helped recall the garden escapee, privet.
  • All too familiar, but very pretty, was Japanese barberry.
  • Across from the bench, witch's butter had continued its slow decline.
  • The "biscuit" mushrooms looked a bit more orange today, but it doesn't really show in the photo.
  • Across the Creek, the orange foliage wasn't bad. A little afternoon sun would really set this off.
  • Color was improving by the stone bridge in the Fern Glen, too.
  • The leaves of hobblebush had brightend up a bit.
  • Even more interesting is the bud - it looks like little hands in prayer... that the deer don't get it.
  • Spicebush was easy to pick out now.
  • Suddenly its distinctive leaves were everywhere.
  • Across the road, American hazel had taken some color.
  • It was too late for nuts; only the empty husks remained.
  • But the male catkins were already waiting for spring.
  • The neighboring azalea had some dusky reds developing.
  • At the tip of a branch, a bud again was prepared to get through the coming winter.
  • The fruit was an unassuming brown capsule.
  • Closer to the bridge now, a maple was looking more the way one would expect this time of year.
  • In the pond, water striders were still active.
  • At the back, sweet pepperbush was bright.
  • Getting there was half the fun, one might say regarding the still green veins.
  • A beacon of yellow blazed across the creek.
  • Back on this side, leatherwood was still working on it.
  • It might have been about half way through its color change.
  • On the other hand, striped maple looked complete.
  • Just about all the leaves were of uniform pale yellow.
  • The Wappinger Creek was running full after two nights and a day of rain.
  • But it was a steady, moderate rain. The banks appeared undisturbed, unlike after the last hurricane.
  • On the way out, some mushrooms had so far survived growing in the middle of the trail to the Old Gravel Pit.
  • The other end of the trail found the clouds thinning over Gifford House across the Little Bluestem Meadow.
  • After all the rain and wind, there'd been only a few sticks in the trails... until the path from the pines to the creek.
  • After clearing that, it was down the Scots Pine Allée and away.
  • Next week: the grounds will be closed until April.


  • 1 Downy Woodpecker
  • 1 Black-capped Chickadee
  • 1 White-breasted Nuthatch
  • 1 Golden-crowned Kinglet