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Amanda Suchy

Suchy, Amanda K., Peter M. Groffman, Lawrence E. Band, Jonathan M. Duncan, Arthur J. Gold, Morgan Grove, Dexter H. Locke, and Laura Templeton. 2021. “A Landscape Approach To Nitrogen Cycling In Urban Lawns Reveals The Interaction Between Topography And Human Behaviors”. Biogeochemistry 152 (1). Springer Science and Business Media LLC: 73-92. doi:10.1007/s10533-020-00738-8.
Hopkins, Kristina G., Nathaniel B. Morse, D.J. Bain, Neil D. Bettez, Nancy B Grimm, Jennifer L. Morse, Monica M. Palta, William D. Shuster, Anika K. Bratt, and Amanda K. Suchy. 2015. “Assessment Of Regional Variation In Streamflow Responses To Urbanization And The Persistence Of Physiography”. Environmental Science & Technology 49 (5): 2724 - 2732. doi:10.1021/es505389y.