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Martha Dee

Shogren, Arial, Jennifer L. Tank, Emma J. Rosi, Martha M. Dee, Shannon L. Speir, Diogo Bolster, and Scott P. Egan. 2019. “Transport And Instream Removal Of The Cry1Ab Protein From Genetically Engineered Maize Is Mediated By Biofilms In Experimental Streams”. Plos One 14 (5): e0216481. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0216481.
Reisinger, Alexander J., J.L. Tank, and Martha M. Dee. 2016. “Regional And Seasonal Variation In Nutrient Limitation Of River Biofilms”. Freshwater Science 35 (2): 474 - 489. doi:10.1086/685829.