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Stephen Pacala

Anderson, Christa M., R. S. DeFries, Robert Litterman, P.A. Matson, D.C. Nepstad, Stephen W. Pacala, William H. Schlesinger, et al. 2019. “Natural Climate Solutions Are Not Enough”. Science 363 (6430): 933 - 934. doi:10.1126/science.aaw2741.
Menge, Duncan N. L., Sarah A. Batterman, Lars O. Hedin, Wenying Liao, Stephen W. Pacala, and Benton N. Taylor. 2017. “Why Are Nitrogen-Fixing Trees Rare At Higher Compared To Lower Latitudes?”. Ecology 98 (12): 3127 - 3140. doi:10.1002/ecy.2034.