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P.D. Ribiero

Gutiérrez, Jorge L., Clive G. Jones, P.D. Ribiero, Stuart E. G. Findlay, and Peter M. Groffman. 2018. “Crab Burrowing Limits Surface Litter Accumulation In A Temperate Salt Marsh: Implications For Ecosystem Functioning And Connectivity”. Ecosystems 21 (5): 1000 - 1012. doi:10.1007/s10021-017-0200-6.
Gutiérrez, Jorge L., Clive G. Jones, Peter M. Groffman, Stuart E. G. Findlay, O.O. Iribarne, P.D. Ribiero, and C.M. Bruschetti. 2006. “The Contribution Of Crab Burrow Excavation To Carbon Availability In Surficial Salt-Marsh Sediments”. Ecosystems 9: 647-658.