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Dexter Locke

Locke, Dexter, Amanda Lucas, Colleen Murphy-Dunning, Dawn Henning, and Giovanni Zinn. 2021. “Contextual Considerations Of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Siting”. Cities And The Environment. doi:10.15365/cate.2021.140202.
Ogden, Laura A., Carissa Aoki, Morgan Grove, Nancy Falxa Sonti, William Hall, Dexter Locke, Steward T. A. Pickett, Miriam Avins, Katie Lautar, and John Lagrosa. 2019. “Forest Ethnography: An Approach To Study The Environmental History And Political Ecology Of Urban Forests”. Urban Ecosystems 22 (1): 49 - 63. doi:10.1007/s11252-018-0744-z.