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Alexander Ross

Dassow, Colin J., Alexander J. Ross, Olaf P. Jensen, Greg G. Sass, Brett T. van Poorten, Christopher T. Solomon, and Stuart E. Jones. 2020. “Experimental Demonstration Of Catch Hyperstability From Habitat Aggregation, Not Effort Sorting, In A Recreational Fishery”. Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences 77 (4). Canadian Science Publishing: 762-769. doi:10.1139/cjfas-2019-0245.
Ross, Alexander J., Brian C. Weidel, M.A. Lenker, and Christopher T. Solomon. 2017. “Evidence For Migratory Spawning Behavior By Morphologically Distinct Cisco (Coregonus Artedi) From A Small Inland Lake”. The American Midland Naturalist 178 (2): 237-244. doi:10.1674/0003-0031-178.2.237.