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Park Williams

Williams, Park, Ben Livneh, Karen A. McKinnon, Winslow D. Hansen, Justin S. Mankin, Benjamin I. Cook, Jason E. Smerdon, et al. (2022/03/08AD) 2022. “Growing Impact Of Wildfire On Western Us Water Supply”. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences 119 (10). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: e2114069119+. doi:10.1073/pnas.2114069119.
Hansen, Winslow D., Ryan Fitzsimmons, Justin Olnes, and Park Williams. (2021) 2021. “An Alternate Vegetation Type Proves Resilient And Persists For Decades Following Forest Conversion In The North American Boreal Biome”. Journal Of Ecology 109 (1): 85-98. doi: