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Katharina Albrich

Hansen, Winslow D., Naomi B Schwartz, Park Williams, Katharina Albrich, Lara M Kueppers, Anja Rammig, Christopher P O Reyer, Carla Staver, and Rupert Seidl. 2022. “Global Forests Are Influenced By The Legacies Of Past Inter-Annual Temperature Variability”. Environmental Research: Ecology 1 (1). IOP Publishing: 011001. doi:10.1088/2752-664x/ac6e4a.
Albrich, Katharina, Werner Rammer, Monica G. Turner, Zak Ratajczak, Kristin H. Braziunas, Winslow D. Hansen, and Rupert Seidl. (2020) 2020. “Simulating Forest Resilience: A Review”. Global Ecology And Biogeography 29 (12): 2082-2096. doi: