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Fecal Coliform Bacteria & Oxygen Levels at Manhattan

Level 1
Hudson River Ecology
coliform bacteria

Dissolved Oxygen and Fecal Coliform Data 


These data show water quality levels for dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform bacteria at Manhattan.

Additional Resources

We have a related lesson on Enterococcus bacteria in the Hudson River and a related lesson on sewage effluent in the Hudson River in our curriculum database, which you may wish to complete before using this dataset.

Data Sampling & Compilation

Data Source: Data from Brosnan, T.M., A. Stoddard, and L.J. Hetling. 2006. Data published in "Hudson River Sewage Inputs and Impacts: Past and Present" in J. S. Levinton and J. R. Waldman (Eds.) The Hudson River Estuary; New York: Cambridge Press.