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Gypsy Moth Egg Masses on Cary Institute Grounds

Level 1
gypsy moth
A female gypsy moth with an egg mass. Female gypsy moths are unable to fly, so they lay egg masses close to where they emerge. They lay several hundred eggs at once, which they cover with yellowish-tan hairs from their own bodies. Photo: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

gypsy moth egg mass data
gypsy moth egg mass metadata

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Additional Resources

We have a related background reading on gypsy moths in our curriculum database, which you may wish to read before using this dataset.

Data Sampling & Compilation

Researchers at the Cary Institute set up sample plots on the Cary Institute grounds in Millbrook, NY. Plots were sampled between November and April each year. Researchers searched the following substrates within the plots: live trees, dead trees, leaf litter, and rocks. The number of egg masses found was recorded. Please read through the metadata file for a more detailed description of project design.

Data Source: Clive Jones, Charles Canham, Gary Lovett, and Rick Ostfeld (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies). Data were posted online.