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Historic Pollution and Human Impacts

Level 2
hudson factory

Historic Pollution in the Hudson River Data

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Wastewater enters the Hudson River from point sources including municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, combined sewer overflows, urban storm water, and tributaries of the Hudson River such as Fishkill Creek. Point sources are sources of chemicals that can be traced to a single location, such as a spillor a water treatment plant. There are also non-point sources that influence the Hudson, such as land runoff and atmospheric deposition.

Data Sampling & Compilation

Data Source: Data from Brosnan, T., A. Stoddard, and L. J. Hetling. 2006. Data published in "Hudson River Sewage Inputs and Impacts: Past and Present" in J. S. Levinton and J. R. Waldman (Eds.) The Hudson River Estuary; New York: Cambridge Press.