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Hudson River Temperature at Poughkeepsie (1946-2012)

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Hudson River Water Temperature Data 

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These data show the annual average water temperature for the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, NY from 1946-2012.

Additional Resources

We have a related lesson on climate change and rising temperatures in the Hudson Valley, which you may wish to complete before using this dataset.

Data Sampling & Compilation

Data were collected at the Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility, and three USGS survey sites (below Poughkeepsie [01372058], South Dock at West Point [01374019], and south of Hastings on Hudson [01376304]). The data were then averaged to create annual means. The deviation shows the years with above-average temperatures (values>0.0) and below-average temperatures (values<0.0) for the Hudson River.

Data Source: Data compiled by David Seekell and Mike Pace, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. "Climate change drives warming in the Hudson River Estuary, New York (USA)", Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2011(13): 2321-2327