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Storm Impacts on Water Chemistry in a Hudson River Tributary

Level 3
Fast-moving waters on the Wappinger Creek. Photo: Fran Trudeau

Wappinger Creek storm chemistry data

Data Sampling & Compilation

Sampling Methods

Samples were collected from the East Branch of the Wappinger Creek on Cary Institute grounds in Millbrook, NY. Data were collected every hour before, during, and after the storm in May 1990.  Water samples were taken in new 500-mL sample bottles that were rinsed three times with stream water prior to collection.  After peak discharge, samples were taken every two to three hours.  Stream velocity, depth, DO, and temperature were measured in the field when samples were taken.  Total suspended solid, particulate organic matter, pH, and the other elements were analyzed in the inorganic laboratory of the Cary Institute.

Data Source: Xiaoying Ma "Elemental Dynamics of the East Branch of Wappinger Creek During Summer Storm Events".  Unpublished Eaton Fellowship Report, December 1991.