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2016 Winners

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and our co-sponsor Marist College would like to congratulate the winners of the 3rd Annual Hudson Data Jam Competition! 

Middle School Competition Winners

1st Place: "Black-Legged Tick Density in Oak Forests" (Marymount School of New York)

2nd Place: "Zebra Mussel Disaster: The Organisms Documentary" (Stissing Mountain Middle School)


3rd Place (Tie): "Temperature Trends in the Past 100 Years" (Fox Lane Middle School)


3rd Place (Tie): "The Adventures of Rafael" (Chapin School)

Comic Strip

High School Competition Winners

1st Place: "Hold the Salt: The Impact of Salt Pollution on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates" (Ossining High School)

 2nd Place: "Case of the Missing Blanding's Turtle" (Arlington High School)

3rd Place: "Migration Madness" (Beacon High School)

Website and video game


People Choice Awards

Middle School: "Historic Pollution in the Hudson River" (Millbrook Middle School)

 High School: "I got the right temperature for to shelter you from the storm" (Oakwood Friends School)