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Tidal Marsh Project

The Hudson River's freshwater tidal wetlands are a unique ecosystem which not only provide habitat for a rich diversity of organisms but also remove water pollutants. Over the course of several years, teachers and scientists worked together to understand how wetland plant communities affected ecological function and develop lesson plans to highlight this incredible ecosystem.  

Understanding the benefits freshwater tidal marshes and the challenges they face from climate change means exploring them in the classroom and field. We designed a series of lessons to help students learn how this unique wetland removes water pollutants, and how they can reduce their carbon footprint and safeguard this ecosystem.  

Project Participants:

Dr. Stuart Findlay, Project Director
Cornelia Harris, Coordinator


Anthony Loughran, Coxsackie-Athens High School
Dixon Onderdonk, Kingston High School
Robert Connick, Mahopac High School
John Neering, Scarsdale High School
Valerie Holmes, Ossining High School
Mary Mousolino, Covenant of the Sacred Heart High School
Colleen Bucci, FDR High School
Bridget Kenny Baumann, Ossining High School
Danielle Gardella, independent teacher
Lecia Zulack, Spackenkill High School
Joanne Fargione, Millbrook High School
Sandy Fisher, Chatham High School
Tracey Toufali, RET Summer Experience