Changing Hudson Project

Zebra Mussel Invasion in the Hudson River

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This animation demonstrates how the populations of various Hudson River organisms have changed as a result of the zebra mussel invasion.

Hudson River Food Webs

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This is an animation that allows students to get more information about each organism in the different food webs by clicking on the organism.

Water Chestnut Invasion in the Hudson River

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This animation demonstrates how the water chestnut (Trapa natans) has changed the dissolved oxygen content of the freshwater shallows of the Hudson River. 

Macroinvertebrate Photo Cards (doc, 5 MB)

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Aquatic macroinvertebrate photos.  

Key to Common Pond Invertebrates of the Hudson Valley (doc, 60 KB)

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A simplified key to common pond invertebrates of the Hudson Valley.  

Invasive Plant Flashcards (ppt, 5 MB)

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Photos and descriptive information about common invasive plants found in and around Dutchess County, NY.  

Stream Invertebrate Drawings & Feeding Guide (docx, 4 MB)

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These "biology briefs" provide a line drawing of common aquatic macroinvertebrates, plus information on their feeding habits.  This is useful for having students create a food web.  

Freshwater Tidal Wetlands


Freshwater tidal wetlands are a unique ecosystem of the Hudson River estuary, and these lessons will help students understand their importance along with some of the challenges due to a changing climate. 

Hudson River Water Quality - Sampling Activity

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Students will use data to create a scatter plot by hand and be able to understand the importance of replication and the intrinsic link between variability and the conclusions that can be drawn from

Pollution drives evolution in the Hudson River

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Students will know how Hudson River tomcod evolved resistance to PCBs and be able to critically compare the way different news outlets choose to tell a scientific story.


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