A Jury's Dilemma- Written Assessment

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Students analyze a trial involving a dispute about a composting business, then outline how a Special Investigator could gather evidence to help settle the case.

The Bag That Wouldn't Go Away- Performance Assessment

Resource Type: 

Students design and set up model waste disposal systems that will help biodegradable plastic bags decompose

Testing Conditions that Promote Decomposition

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Students test factors that promote the growth of microbes, then use their findings to make compost.

Dead Leaf Storyboards- Performance Assessment

Resource Type: 

Students work in groups to create displays that show what happens to a dead leaf over time.

Culturing Bacteria and Fungi Decomposers

Resource Type: 

Students do a controlled experiment to culture microbes living on items they collected outside.

Stalking the Unseen

Resource Type: 

Students hear a story of a scientist who studies microbe decomposers, then plan and take a trip outside to collect items for culturing microbes.

Introducing Microbes as Decomposers

Resource Type: 

Students propose how dead plants disappear over time, then examine mold, and talk about microbes as decomposers.

Hiring a Scientist

Resource Type: 

Students recommend who GROW should hire as a scientist after reviewing three job applications.

GROW gets an answer

Resource Type: 

Students complete their work for GROW by working in groups to create advertisements that teach the public about nutrient cycling, and GROW's research and products

Radish Results

Resource Type: 

Students make and process final observations of their plants, graphs and discuss their data in groups, compile the whole class data, discuss conclusions, then write letters to GROW.


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