Field Guide

Macroinvertebrate Photo Cards (doc, 5 MB)

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Aquatic macroinvertebrate photos.  

Key to Common Pond Invertebrates of the Hudson Valley (doc, 60 KB)

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A simplified key to common pond invertebrates of the Hudson Valley.  

Invasive Plant Flashcards (ppt, 5 MB)

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Photos and descriptive information about common invasive plants found in and around Dutchess County, NY.  

Terrestrial Leaf Pack Invertebrates (ppt, 6 MB)

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Photos of commonly found invertebrates in leaf litter.  

Stream Invertebrate Drawings & Feeding Guide (docx, 4 MB)

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These "biology briefs" provide a line drawing of common aquatic macroinvertebrates, plus information on their feeding habits.  This is useful for having students create a food web.  

Puddle Study Microbe ID Guide (pdf, 118 KB)

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Basic microbe and bacteria ID guide for students.  

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