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Cary and WAMC debut new radio show

The Cary Institute and WAMC Northeast Public Radio have launched a new radio show called Earth Wise: A look at our changing environment. The two-minute segments will air Monday through Friday at 11:10 AM and 4:04 PM. The effort was undertaken to increase the environmental literacy of radio listeners.

With Earth as its subject, Earth Wise content will be globally relevant. New topics will be featured daily, with coverage on climate change, energy, sustainable living, agriculture, and threats to air, water, and wildlife. Segments will also highlight how individuals can make a difference.

Using accessible language, and drawing on commentary from national experts, Cary President William Schlesinger will guide Earth Wise listeners through the science of leading environmental concerns. "Our goal is to inspire listeners to make informed decisions," notes Schlesinger, adding, "each listener has the capacity to be a positive change in the world."

"All of us at WAMC are incredibly happy with Earth Wise," says WAMC President and CEO Alan Chartock. "Our listeners asked for more environmental programming and now they've got it. Dr. Schlesinger is a brilliant scientist with a voice made for radio. Cary Institute is the gold standard for environmental research; we are grateful to them for making this happen."

Listen online at, keep updated on Twitter @earthwiseradio, or join the conversation at Wise Radio.

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