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Graduate education programs

Recently, the Cary Institute hosted two graduate courses. During January, 25 students from 20 universities across the nation as well as from Canada and Chile participated in another successful Fundamentals of Ecosystem Ecology (FEE) course. Having been offered at regular intervals since 1984, this year's FEE course was led by Jonathan Cole, who enlisted 18 other Cary staff members to help conduct classes covering topics such as different approaches and theories of ecosystems as well as biogeochemical and nutrient cycles.

In April, Charles Canham conducted a one-week intensive workshop on likelihood methods in ecology—an approach that offers an alternative to traditional statistical analysis that helps scientists link data and models when designing experiments or interpreting results. Geared toward graduate students, post-docs, and practicing scientists, the course was completed by 18 students from 13 different institutions, including several from Canada, Spain, and Australia. 

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