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Hudson Data Jam

Photo by Firoz Ansari

For more than thirty years, our researchers have been studying the Hudson River and its watershed, analyzing everything from water chemistry to invasive species. That vast data set was the inspiration for a new offering by our Education Program.

The Hudson Data Jam, led by Cary Institute educator Kali Bird, challenged middle and high school students to bring long-term river data to life in a competition that melded science and creativity. The goal: to hone data interpretation and communication skills while giving students a better understanding of their local environment.


Workshops were held for regional teachers, and 89 students participated. Projects ranged from movies and original songs to dioramas and puppet shows. A panel of scientists and artists judged the submissions, and winners were revealed at an Awards Showcase held at Marist College in June. To view the best in the show, visit:

The Hudson Data Jam was made possible through generous funding from the Dorr Foundation and the Malcom Gordon Charitable Fund, which is managed by the Open Space Institute.


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