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Inspiring data literacy

While our trails and grounds are closed for the season, our education staff is gearing up for a busy spring. Field trips and enrichment activities are being scheduled with a focus on data literacy through long-term monitoring.

The Young Environmental Scientist Network (YES-Net) is entering its third year. Participating students in grades 6-8 collect data in Wappinger Creek. Their shared observations are used in the classroom to answer questions about stream insects. By tracking insect lifecycle events, insight is gained into connections between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

We are also planning the 2nd Hudson Data Jam, a challenge that combines river science and data interpretation with creative communication about the Hudson River. Nearly 90 students in grades 6-12 participated in the inaugural competition, with entries including songs, movies, interpretive dance, puppet shows, and dioramas.

For more information about YES-Net or the Hudson Data Jam, contact

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