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Northeast Science and Policy Consortium

Cary Institute’s motto, “the science behind environmental solutions,” is motivating a new collaborative venture. In November, a delegation from the Cary Institute met with other scientists, policy leaders, and media experts to plan a new partnership intended to bridge the gap between science and policy.

Named the Northeast Science and Policy Consortium, the joint venture will provide objective information on serious environmental problems so as to better inform critical decisions facing our society. The effort will establish a strategic flow of information that synthesizes scientific research, disseminates material through press releases and educational reports, and briefs policymakers at regional and federal levels.

The six institutions leading the effort are the Cary Institute, Ecosystems Center/Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Harvard Forest/Harvard University, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Syracuse University, and the University of New Hampshire. Efforts are underway to secure grant funding for the consortium, and Gary Lovett's research into invasive forest pests and pathogens is among the first of four projects to launch the initiative.

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