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Refuge: America’s Wildest Places

Ian Shive, an Ansel Adams award-winning photographer, author, and filmmaker dedicated to documenting nature, shares conservation stories, and highlights connections that unite even the most remote and unexplored lands.

In his newest book, Refuge: America’s Wildest Places, Shive captures the vibrant landscapes and rich biodiversity of the National Wildlife Refuge System – the largest network of protected lands and waters in the world. Highlights include the rugged peaks of Kenai, Alaska, the vibrant coral reefs of the Palmyra Atoll, the golden prairies of the Rocky Flats, protected marsh within the city of New Orleans, estuarine preserves along Maine’s southern coast, and more.

Shive has authored several award-winning books including The National Parks: An American Legacy. Through film, he has taken viewers to rugged, rarely visited places, including a remote Alaskan archipelago in his discovery+ documentary The Last Unknown, as a host and film producer on the Discovery Channel series Nature in Focus, as well as to America’s Marine National Monuments in the film Hidden Pacific.

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