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Tree ID Program for Beginners

Wise forest stewardship requires familiarity with the woody plants that grow in your area, and the winter and early spring are great times of the year to learn tree identification! Without leaves on the trees, many other identifying characteristics are easier to see.

The program is led by Cary Institute Wildlife Biologist Mike Fargione with Ecologist Julie Hart and Social Scientist Brian Straniti from the Dutchess Land Conservancy.

Learn to recognize common Northeast trees by their shape, bark patterns, twigs, fruits, and seeds. Attention is also given to invasive forest pests that threaten our trees.

The use of simple identification keys and smartphone apps is demonstrated, and common botanical terms explained. With help from a pre-recorded video, viewers will 'accompany' the presenters as they visit a local forest to identify trees in their early spring landscapes.


Presentation - Michael Fargione, Cary Institute

Presentation- Brian Straniti, Dutchess Land Conservancy

Presentation- Julie Hart, Dutchess Land Conservancy


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