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Dr. Emma Rosi: What Have I Been Doing All of These Years?

Speaker: Dr. Emma Rosi, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Dr. Rosi, retiring in January 2024, talks about her career as a Freshwater Ecologist and highlights some of her research findings. She discusses the influence of large animals on rivers, the movement of contaminants in rivers and into food webs, and more broadly how study of the movement of materials in ecosystems can provide insights into how ecosystems function, as well as the management and conservation of freshwaters.

Dr. Rosi’s research focuses on how human activities affect aquatic life and water quality in diverse ecosystems around the world. She is particularly interested in measuring how novel and emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect aquatic food webs, especially in urban streams. In addition to water quality issues, her work examines aquatic food webs in general and the role of large wildlife in riverine nutrient cycling and ecosystem function. Dr. Rosi’s research seeks to inform sound stewardship of freshwater resources. She has served on numerous scientific boards including the Science Advisory Board of the US Environmental Protection Agency and is a fellow of the Society for Freshwater Science.

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