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Hudson Data Jam: Welcome to Data Jam!

Data Jam is an opportunity for students in grades 6-12, plus families, to explore ecological datasets, creatively communicate the stories they tell, and win cash prizes. Write a song, record a video, create a book, paint a mural – your imagination is the limit!

Webinar 1 - Welcome to Data Jam!

This webinar will serve as a foundation for your Data Jam experience.

In this session, we will cover: 

What is Data Jam?

An overview of the Hudson Data Jam competition for middle and high school students, plus the Family Data Jam. 

Why should we explore data?

An introduction to the importance of understanding, interpreting, and presenting stories told by ecological data. Learn what numbers can reveal about the nature around us.

How to start jamming!

A walkthrough of the Data Jam website. Learn how to access datasets using the online portal, submit your project, and explore other handy resources.

Presentation file (PDF)

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