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The Stories in the Spreadsheets: Data Exploration for Families Webinar [Video]

Are birds arriving earlier in the spring? How does salinity shape fish diversity in the Hudson River estuary? Does the chemistry of soil differ between urban and rural parks?

Children of all ages and their families can access and investigate these and many more ecology data sets online when they take part in the Data Jam Competition.

Scientists are collecting data around us all the time. Hidden in those numbers are stories that reveal how the world works. Data Jam is a chance for students to explore scientific datasets and communicate the stories they tell through visual or performing arts. Sing a song, make a video, paint a picture – your imagination is the limit. Participants have the chance to win a cash prize.

This webinar, led by Cary educators, will explore the basics of data jamming and strategies for engaging K-12 learners in data exploration and communication. This session will be especially helpful for team captains, but all jammers are welcome to join. 

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