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Elizabeth Buhr

Alaska Field Manager/Junior Programmer

Elizabeth Buhr is a field manager and junior programmer in the Forest Futures Lab. She coordinates Alaskan fieldwork and contributes to the analysis of field data. Her research in Alaska centers on boreal forest regeneration after wildfires.

Elizabeth has a background in botany and field ecology. As an undergraduate, she worked as a field research assistant studying alpine plant community ecology at the University of Colorado’s Mountain Research Station. After graduation, she spent two years in New Mexico collecting native plant seeds for restoration and conservation through the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Seeds of Success (SOS) program. She then led a field crew collecting data for the BLM’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) program in Arizona and Wyoming. She has also interned with The Guppy Project in Trinidad & Tobago contributing to research on the evolution of Trinidadian guppies and killifish. She holds a B.A. in ecology and English literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder.