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Important Documents

Data Jam Guidebook
This PDF contains all of the most important information from the website, but in a condensed, printable form.

Student Planning Sheet  Word doc | Google doc
This planning tool can help your classes break Data Jam down into small steps with concrete deadlines.

Hudson Data Jam Report Form (grades 6-12)   Word doc | Google doc
We ask students to submit their projects in the same format, which you can download here.

Junior Data Jam Report Form (grades 4-5)  Word doc | Google doc
Rather than writing a full report, we ask Junior Data Jam participants to instead briefly explain their observed data trends and their creative project in a paragraph or so.

Judging Rubric (grades 6-12)
Print out a copy and use it as a checklist while you make sure your project is complete.

Junior Data Jam Judging Rubric (grades 4-5)
Criteria for our condensed, elementary school-level Data Jam category.

Parent/Guardian Consent Form
Your student's advisor will send you a link to the electronic consent form. We MUST receive this for each student before we can judge their project.