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Education programs at the Cary Institute strive to instill, in all our participants, Ecosystem Literacy - knowledge of the complexities and connections that exist in the environment around us.

Our Ecosystem Literacy Initiative focuses on understanding how people learn about ecosystems, enhancing the general understanding of students, policy makers, and the public about ecosystems, and training a new generation of ecologists capable of addressing and solving complex environmental problems.

Innovative Education Projects

The Cary Institute Education Program has been leading and participating in a wide range of education projects for over three decades, focusing on the best practices for teaching ecology. Many of these efforts include research on how students and teachers think about ecology topics, curriculum products, and professional development resources. 

Field Trips & School Programs

Cary Institute educators would like to engage your K-12 students in the world of ecology!  Participate in one of our field ecology programs located at our 2,000 acre ecological research site or have one of our educators bring our programs to your classroom or schoolyard. 

Teaching Materials

K-12 curricula, activity guides, and other resources support hands-on, inquiry-based investigations of the ecosystems and organisms around us. Subjects include Hudson River ecology, urban ecosystems, the local water cycle and more. Created by our Education Program in collaboration with Cary Institute scientists.

Professional Development

Throughout the school year and over the summer, Cary Institute educators provide opportunities for teachers to learn more about current science, techniques for engaging their students in scientific inquiry, and ways to incorporate models of research-proven teaching methods into their classrooms.

Education Research

The Cary Institute has been researching how students and teachers understand and learn about ecosystems for the past thirty years, through a combination of curriculum, professional development, and implementation in our school programs and camp.  

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