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Lunch on the Bridge


Please join our co-chairs and benefit committee for a fall lunch in our fern glen.


Activities for children (ages 5 and up) led by an ecologist and educator.
A separate bag lunch will be provided for kids.

Brief presentation

What’s winter without snow?
Dr. Peter Groffman
Senior Research Fellow, Cary Institute
Professor, CUNY’s Advanced Science Research Center

Reduced snow cover caused by a warming climate alters forests and changes how we experience winter. Mild winters threaten soil processes, tree growth, freshwater resources, and other important biological activities that rely on a layer of insulating snow to continue throughout the season. At the same time, they threaten winter’s pleasures like skiing, maple syrup, and finding animal tracks.

Dr. Peter Groffman studies how climate change, including changes in snow cover, alters microbial processes that underlie ecosystem processes that support plant growth, and water and air quality. This work includes field studies on the impacts of snow depth and soil freezing on northeastern forest ecosystems.

Host Committee Levels

$2500 Winter Wonderland
Includes eight tickets and listing in event materials

$1300 Wintertide
Includes four tickets and listing in event materials

$700 Snow Blanket
Includes two tickets and listing in event materials

$350 Snow Day
Includes one ticket and listing in event materials
Contact Angela at 845 677-7600x193 and to discuss sponsor options.