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What’s Out/What’s In for 2023



william schlesinger
President Emeritus, Biogeochemist

Motivated by a similar comparison in the Washington Post, here are my choices for what’s out and what’s in (mostly environmental) during the coming year.  Cover the right-hand column and try to guess it.

What’s Out

What’s In

Plastic bagsPaper bags
Coal ashWind turbines
Insect swarmsPollinator deficiency
Wood bioenergySolar power
Greenland's iceRising sea level
Maple treesOak Trees
Twitted falsehoodsScience-based policy
Soil carbon creditsRegenerative farming
GasolineElectric vehicles
Face masksTriple boosting
Napa Valley WineWillamette Valley Wine
Forest firesControlled burning
Old-growth forestPlantations
Crop surplusesMega-droughts
Melting permafrostMethane release
Ukrainian grainAfrican famine
Natural habitatLoss of species
Reference booksWikipedia
Deliberative discourseWar
william schlesinger
President Emeritus, Biogeochemist

William Schlesinger is active in communicating science to policy makers and media. He has testified about environmental issues in Congress and in state houses, and has been featured in media including NOVA, the Weather Channel, Discover, National Geographic, and the New York Times.

He discusses a range of environmental issues in his weekly blog, Translational Ecology.