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Creatively Engaging Students in Local Climate Science: Hudson Data Jam

Data Jam is an opportunity for students in grades 4-12 to explore ecological datasets, creatively communicate the stories they tell, and win cash prizes. Write a song, record a video, create a book, paint a mural – your imagination is the limit!

Speaker: Ashley Alred, Education Program Leader at Cary Institute

Discover how educators can engage middle and high school students with local datasets to explore climate change in the Hudson Valley region. Datasets cover a range of topics including bird migration, sea-level rise, and impacts of large storms on Hudson Valley ecosystems. In addition to climate science, other datasets in Cary’s student-friendly archive look at water quality in the Hudson watershed, the ecology of Lyme disease, air pollution, and fish surveys.

This was an interactive presentation geared toward educators of middle and high school students from any type of learning environment (public, private, homeschool, or others).

This event was part of 'Hudson Valley Climate Solutions Week' the week of October 19, 2021 – a collaboration among local organizations working to focus attention on the climate emergency and develop innovative ways to address it.

Presentation (pdf)

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