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Greening (In)Equitably: Visions, Processes, and Distributions for Green Infrastructure in US Cities


Hudson River Watershed Alliance Watershed Breakfast Series
Featured Speaker: Zbigniew J. Grabowski, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Visiting Scholar, The Urban Systems Lab at The New School

Dr. Zbigniew J. Grabowski shares results from a recent review of over 120 GI plans from 20 US cities evaluating their definitions of equity, procedural equity, and strategies to influence distributional equity. Based on these results, Dr. Grabowski argues for the need to have greater clarity around how equity and justice are conceptualized in relation to green infrastructure. A major piece of such a reconceptualization centers the processes by which GI plans, programs, and projects are articulated as necessary and desirable, and how, and by whom, they are implemented and evaluated.

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