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Hidden health hazards: Combating the crisis of our food and water

Antibiotic resistance and pharmaceuticals polluting our waterways is a growing crisis. In this episode of PBS's To The Contrary, Cary's Emma Rosi talks about how untreated sewage contaminated with antibiotics and personal care products is affecting water supplies. (14:05)

Host Bonnie Erbé takes an in-depth look at the crisis of antibiotic resistance in food production as well as products in our waterways. Find out why experts are concerned and the steps we can all take in combating this threat.

Dr. Everly Macario of the Pew Charitable Trusts SuperMoms Against Superbugs, Dr. Lance B. Price of the Milken Institute School for Public Health at George Washington University, and Dr. Emma Rosi of the Cary Institute give their perspectives on this critical issue.

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