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The world is changing fast. Our scientists pursue cutting-edge research aimed at answering today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Science for a better world.

Clean air and water. Sustainable cities. Healthy forests. Protection from disease. We are on the case.

Cary Institute science seeks to understand the fundamental processes that drive ecosystems – and how our actions alter them. In a rapidly changing world, this understanding is crucial to protecting the environment and safeguarding human health and wellbeing.

Our scientists excel at collaborative, transformative, multidisciplinary science. We work at scale to answer big questions with global impact. Our staff includes 20 PhD scientists, 40 research support staff, as well as adjuncts and affiliates working around the world in places like Argentina, Brazil, China, Chile, Germany, Kenya, Singapore, and South Africa.

We lead the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, one of the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research sites, and have a guiding role in the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network, an international effort aimed at managing freshwater resources in response to global change. Our ongoing studies on the ecology of freshwater, disease, forests, and cities underpin management and public health initiatives.