Road Salt: Impacts to the Environment and Human Health

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: October 16, 2009

To promote safe winter driving conditions, deicers are applied to roadways throughout the Northeast. The most commonly used deicer is sodium chloride, otherwise known as road salt. In New York State alone, state and local governments apply 500,000 tons annually.

But this inexpensive deicer comes with hidden costs to both the environment and human health.

Over 125 attendees, including representatives from local highway departments, joined the Cary Institute and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Dutchess County for a management-based forum about the impact that road salt has on natural areas, drinking water supplies, and health conditions. A lively discussion followed about how municipalities can improve policy decisions in the future.

Topics & Speakers

Environmental Impacts

Stuart E. G. Findlay, Aquatic Ecologist, Cary Institute
Marie Brulè, Dutchess County Department of Health

Impacts on Human Health
Paul Feldman, M.D., Vassar Medical Center

The Economics of Alternatives
Charles Morris, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine
William. H. Schlesinger, President, Cary Institute

Road Salt Forum Resources

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