Road Salt: Reducing Impacts to the Environment and Human Health

To promote safe winter driving conditions, deicers are applied to roadways throughout the Northeast. The most commonly used deicer is sodium chloride, otherwise known as road salt. This inexpensive deicer comes with hidden costs to both the environment and human health.

The Cary Institute hosted a management-based forum about the impact that road salt has on natural areas and drinking water supplies, with a focus on successful salt reduction strategies being used regionally and nationally.

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Cary Institute road salt articles and research

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The State of Salt: What We Know about Road Salt Contamination in the NE US

Lecture Video

Learn how road salt impacts freshwater ecosystems, including drinking water supplies.

Rob Fitch road salt forum

Road Salt Regional Perspective: New York State Success Stories

Lecture Video

Gain insight into NYS Department of Transportation sensible salting tactics, including success stories and best practices in snow and ice control.

dan kelting road salt forum

Road Salt Reduction Initiatives in the Adirondacks

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Discover how a consortium is working to reduce salt pollution in the Adirondack State Park.

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Road Salt Best Management Practices: A National View

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An update on the state of knowledge on national best management practices.

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Road Salt: Connecting Salt Practices with Salt in Streams

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Connect how salt practices in the Hudson River watershed impact the salinity of local streams.

kathie weathers road salt forum

Road Salt: Next Steps

Lecture Video

Kathleen Weathers discusses the impact of road salt on natural areas and drinking water supplies, and opens the floor to ideas on how to successfully reduce the use of road salt.

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