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Project Submission

Project Submission

The written report and creative project must be submitted electronically by 11:59pm EST on Friday, March 10, 2023. We are using Google Drive for project submission this year. Advisers will submit all student projects and individual student information in their unique Google Drive folder, which is shared via email after online registration. Students’ projects will only be judged if they contain both a report AND a creative component. Please only submit complete projects. Below are instructions to upload projects:

  1. Check email after registration: A personal Google Drive folder link will be shared with you by the Cary Education team.
  2. Upload completed Parental Consent Forms into your sub folder, labeled "Consent Forms." Please notify us ( once all participating student forms have been uploaded.

3. Drag and Drop or Save student projects to your folder. Note: Please use the following file naming convention when saving and uploading reports and projects:

"Project Title_Level of Dataset_School Name".pdf

Here is an example of a proper file name: Mussels on the Move_Level 1_Smith.pdf

***All videos must be submitted as a YouTube link. For ease of judging, please ensure that your students' YouTube links are included in their reports. Please note: the use of copyrighted music in project videos may result in YouTube's removal of these videos from their website. Check out Free Music Archive for tunes available through Creative Commons.