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Governing Green Experiential Toolkit

A toolkit that invites you to examine the social processes shaping environmental projects in cities. Modeled after the text-based role-playing games or RPGs of decades past, Governing Green immerses you in 3 true-to-life stories of green infrastructure projects.

Governing Green

governing green the game

Use the Toolkit

An immersive journey into 3 true-to-life green infrastructure projects.


What is Governing Green?

An introduction to Governing Green, its origins, and its outcomes.

who for

Who is Governing Green For?

Discover who this toolkit it for and how it can assist cities, organizations, and communities.


Term Glossary

Dive deeper into the terminology used in the governance of green infrastructure.



Use this workbook to apply the Governing Green method to your own project.

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Virtual Workshop

governing green contributors

About the Contributors

Meet the team who created Governing Green.

Funded by:

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Governing Green was prepared as a part of The JPB Foundation funded project — Making Green Infrastructure Equitable.