The Institute communicates its scientific and educational information in a number of ways. One major outlet is peer-reviewed publications and reports.  Cary Institute staff regularly publish in the best-rated journals in their respective fields.

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Dutton CL, Subalusky AL, Hill TD, Aleman JC, Rosi EJ, Onyango KB, Kanuni K, Cousins JA, Staver AC, Post DM.  2019.  A 2000-year sediment record reveals rapidly changing sedimentation and land use since the 1960s in the Upper Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem. Science of The Total Environment. 664:148-160.
Smith LL, Subalusky AL, Atkinson CL, Earl JE, Mushet DM, Scott DE, Lance SL, Johnson SA.  2019.  Biological Connectivity of Seasonally Ponded Wetlands across Spatial and Temporal Scales. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 55(2):334-353.
Evans SE, Dueker ME, Logan RJ, Weathers KC.  2019.  The biology of fog: results from coastal Maine and Namib Desert reveal common drivers of fog microbial composition. Science of The Total Environment. 647:1547-1556.
Cubino JP, Cavender-Bares J, Hobbie SE, Hall SJ, Trammell TLE, Neill C, Avolio ML, Darling LE, Groffman PM.  2019.  Contribution of non-native plants to the phylogenetic homogenization of US yard floras. Ecosphere. 10(3)
Gilliam FS, Burns DA, Driscoll CT, Frey S, Lovett GM, Watmough SA.  2019.  Decreased atmospheric nitrogen deposition in eastern North America: Predicted responses of forest ecosystems. Environmental Pollution. 244:560-574.
Cubino JP, Cavender-Bares J, Hobbie SE, Pataki DE, Avolio ML, Darling LE, Larson KL, Hall SJ, Groffman PM, Trammell TLE et al..  2019.  Drivers of plant species richness and phylogenetic composition in urban yards at the continental scale. Landscape Ecology. 34(1):63-77.
Ogden LA, Aoki C, Grove J M, Sonti N F, Hall W, Locke D, Pickett STA, Avins M, Lautar K, Lagrosa J.  2019.  Forest ethnography: An approach to study the environmental history and political ecology of urban forests. Urban Ecosystems. 22(1):49-63.
Rademacher A, Cadenasso ML, Pickett STA.  2019.  From feedbacks to coproduction: toward an integrated conceptual framework for urban ecosystems. Urban Ecosystems. 22(1):65-76.
Finewood MH, Matsler M, Zivkovich J.  2019.  Green Infrastructure and the Hidden Politics of Urban Stormwater Governance in a Postindustrial City. Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 109(3):909-925.
Nikolaus CJ, Schierer M, Ellison B, Eicher-Miller HA, Gundersen C, Nickols-Richardson SM.  2019.  Grit is Associated with Food Security among US Parents and Adolescents. American Journal of Health Behavior. 43(1):207-218.
Dawson KR, Richardson DC, Weathers KC.  2019.  How ecosystem function differs across a gradient of lake sizes: Don't forget about the little ones. Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Integrative-and-Comparative-Biology (SICB).
Klemow K, Berkowitz AR, Cid C, Middendorf G.  2019.  Improving ecological education through a four-dimensional framework. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 17(2)
Zwart JA, Hararuk O, Prairie YT, Jones SE, Solomon CT.  2019.  Improving estimates and forecasts of lake carbon dynamics using data assimilation. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. 17(2):97-111.
Wang J, Zhou W, Pickett STA, Yu W, Li W.  2019.  A multiscale analysis of urbanization effects on ecosystem services supply in an urban megaregion. Science of The Total Environment. 662:824-833.
Anderson CM, DeFries RS, Litterman R, Matson PA, Nepstad DC, Pacala SW, Schlesinger WH, Shaw RM, Smith P, Weber C et al..  2019.  Natural climate solutions are not enough. Science. 363(6430):933-934.
Kaushal SS, Likens GE, Pace ML, Haq S, Wood KL, Galella JG, Morel C, Doody TR, Wessel B, Kortelainen P et al..  2019.  Novel ‘chemical cocktails' in inland waters are a consequence of the freshwater salinization syndrome. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 374(1764)
Landesman WJ, Mulder K, Allan BF, Bashor L, Keesing F, LoGiudice KM, Ostfeld RS.  2019.  Potential effects of blood meal host on bacterial community composition in Ixodes scapularis nymphs. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases. 10(3):523-527.
Ferreira-Rodriguez N, Akiyama YB, Aksenova OV, Araujo R, Christopher Barnhart M, Bespalaya YV, Bogan AE, Bolotov IN, Budha PB, Clavijo C et al..  2019.  Research priorities for freshwater mussel conservation assessment. Biological Conservation. 231:77-87.
Sorensen P, Bhatnagar JM, Christenson LM, Durán J, Fahey TJ, Fisk MC, Finzi AC, Groffman PM, Morse JL, Templer PH.  2019.  Roots Mediate the Effects of Snowpack Decline on Soil Bacteria, Fungi, and Nitrogen Cycling in a Northern Hardwood Forest. Frontiers in Microbiology. 10
Downs CJ, Schoenle LA, Han BA, Harrison JF, Martin LB.  2019.  Scaling of Host Competence. Trends in Parasitology. 35(3):182-192.
Kelly VR, Findlay SEG, Hamilton SK, Lovett GM, Weathers KC.  2019.  Seasonal and Long-Term Dynamics in Stream Water Sodium Chloride Concentrations and the Effectiveness of Road Salt Best Management Practices. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 230(1)
Ni X, Liao S, Wu F, Groffman PM.  2019.  Short-term precipitation pulses stimulate soil CO2 emission but do not alter CH4 and N2O fluxes in a northern hardwood forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 130:8-11.
Baker A, Brenneman E, Chang H, McPhillips L, Matsler M.  2019.  Spatial analysis of landscape and sociodemographic factors associated with green stormwater infrastructure distribution in Baltimore, Maryland and Portland, Oregon. Science of The Total Environment. 664:461-473.
Hölscher K, Frantzeskaki N, McPhearson T, Loorbach D.  2019.  Tales of transforming cities: Transformative climate governance capacities in New York City, U.S. and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Journal of Environmental Management. 231:843-857.
Sebestyen SD, Ross DS, Shanley JB, Elliott EM, Kendall C, Campbell JL, Dail BD, Fernandez IJ, Goodale CL, Lawrence GB et al..  2019.  Unprocessed Atmospheric Nitrate in Waters of the Northern Forest Region in the U.S. and Canada. Environmental Science & Technology. 53(7):3620-3633.


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