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Research Publications


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Rosi, Emma J., JB Fick, and Barbara A. Han. (MAY 9) 2023. “Are Animal Disease Reservoirs At Risk Of Human Antiviral Exposure?”. Environmental Science & Technology Letters 10 (5): 439-445, . doi:10.1021/acs.estlett.3c00201.
Castiblanco, ES, Peter M. Groffman, J Duncan, LE Band, E Doheny, GT Fisher, Emma J. Rosi, and AK Suchy. (JUN) 2023. “Long-Term Trends In Nitrate And Chloride In Streams In An Exurban Watershed”. Urban Ecosystems 26 (3): 831-844, . doi:10.1007/s11252-023-01340-0.
Fleischmann, AS, F Papa, Stephen K. Hamilton, A Fassoni-Andrade, S Wongchuig, JC Espinoza, RCD Paiva, et al. (MAR 1) 2023. “Increased Floodplain Inundation In The Amazon Since 1980”. Environmental Research Letters 18 (3). doi:10.1088/1748-9326/acb9a7.
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