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For three decades, our scientists have been researching the Hudson River ecosystem from the way shoreline development impacts water quality to how invasive species influence resident plants and animals. As a result, the Hudson is the most scientifically scrutinized river in the world. With more than one hundred papers published in scientific journals, as well as popular magazine, radio, and television coverage, our Hudson River research team is working to inform sound river management.

Long-term studies are essential to understanding how complex ecosystems operate. Due to costs and time commitment, however, they are rarely conducted. By treating the Hudson River as an integrated system with research sites spanning 200 kilometers from Troy, NY, to the Tappan Zee Bridge, the Hudson River Ecosystem Study has gained an unprecedented understanding of the river۪'s ecosystem.

Over time, as more data are gathered, scientists will continue to reveal the complex interactions that govern the Hudson River۪s health and productivity. Lessons learned can be applied to the management of other large rivers worldwide.

Hudson River Data

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