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Dr. Alan R. Berkowitz

Head of Education, Plant Ecologist | PhD

Expertise: education

2801 Sharon Turnpike; P.O. Box AB
Millbrook NY 12545-0129, USA

845 677-7600 x311

Alan Berkowitz is a leader in advancing ecosystem literacy. His efforts include developing teaching materials, facilitating undergraduate research opportunities, and training educators. His projects aim to enhance public understanding of the complex interactions that govern the natural world and the ways that people influence ecosystems.

Berkowitz directs the Cary Institute’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Over 30 years running, the program allows students to conduct hands-on ecological research under the advisement of a scientist mentor. The program, which is committed to supporting diversity, has launched nearly 75% of its alums into careers in the sciences. Berkowitz also directs the Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) Undergraduate Research Program.

Schools across the nation have the opportunity to partner with the Cary Institute to implement freely-available curriculum materials and participate in cutting-edge teacher training workshops. These collaborations bring together teachers, education researchers, and scientists – all working to improve ecological science literacy.

Berkowitz is the Education Team Leader for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), a Long Term Ecological Research site directed by the Cary Institute. In this role, Berkowitz works with teachers in Baltimore City Public Schools to bring BES research into the classroom.

Current Projects