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7 facts about the hemlock woolly adelgid
Asian longhorned beetle: The beautiful insect devouring our trees
Beech Bark Disease
Early detection can prevent city pests from becoming country pests
8 billion North American ash trees at risk from emerald ash borer

Maps and graphics are free to reuse and distribute. Please credit Cary Institute and link back to this site when possible and help us get the word out about the Tree-SMART Trade policy initiative.


Map: Imported forest pests cc by Leslie Tumblety/Cary Institute
Imported forest pests in the US. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
invasive pests US map: white pine blister rust
US forest pests map: White pine blister rust. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
Invasive pests US map: hemlock woolly adelgid
US forest pests map: Hemlock woolly adelgid. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
Invasive pests US map: emerald ash borer
US forest pests map: Emerald ash borer. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety

Infographics & Charts

annual cost of invasive pests per sector
Annual cost of invasive forest pests per sector. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
wood packaging and invasive pests graphic
Wood packaging and invasive pests. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
asian long-horned beetle worcester, ma
A City Transformed: Worcester MA & the Asian long-horned beetle. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety
imported forest pests over time
Cumulative detections of imported pests 1775-2006. Credit: Cary Institute/Leslie Tumblety