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Environmental Monitoring Program

Our program is designed to understand how the environment changes over time. Long-term monitoring lets us evaluate legislation aimed at controlling pollution and climate change. We monitor temperature and precipitation, as well as variables related to air pollution such as acid rain, air quality, and streamwater chemistry. We also measure solar radiation (including UV).

Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate

According to NOAA’s, National Weather Service climate is the composite of weather conditions of a region, while weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given point in time. In order to understand climate for a region, weather data must be collected in a consistent manner over a long period of time. The Cary Institute maintains a fully outfitted weather station at its campus in Millbrook, NY. The long-term data from this station can be used to understand our changing climate.


For a complete description of measurements, please see the Meta Data | For monthly and yearly summaries go to Data Summaries | For access to data go to Archived Data

weather station

The Cary Institute's weather station was installed in 1988 and expanded in 2004 with the addition of a NOAA Climate Reference Network (CRN) station.

Data from our program includes air temperature, precipitation, snow depth, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. In addition, we collect a diverse array of solar radiation data.

The station is also the site for air and precipitation monitoring including ground level ozone, carbon dioxide, and wet and dry deposition of acidic components of the atmosphere.

The CRN station provides temperature and precipitation data as well as soil moisture and temperature, surface temperature, wetness, solar radiation and wind speed at 1.5 meters.

Data from our program is in three-minute, hourly and daily increments. Data from the USCRN is in 5 minute, hourly and daily increments.



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