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Dr. Gary M. Lovett

Forest Ecologist | PhD, Dartmouth College

forest ecology, invasive forest pests, air pollution, climate change, nutrient cycling

Gary M. Lovett: Scientist, Mentor, Advocate, & Friend
July 6, 1953-December 17, 2022

Northeastern forests are threatened by air pollution, climate change, and invasive forest pests. Gary Lovett studied the impacts of these stressors on forest productivity and water quality.

Lovett used computer simulation models and field research in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and White Mountains of New Hampshire to predict the ability of a forest to maintain crucial ecosystem services in the face of environmental change.

Lovett advised government agencies and advocacy groups that are working to amend federal regulations to stop invasive forest pests. Through Congressional briefings and interactions with state and federal agency staff, Lovett promoted Tree-SMART Trade – a series of federal policy actions that would reduce the introduction of new forest pests – in partnership with the Science Policy Exchange.

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Authored by Gary Lovett